Goats and Reserved Parking

Hi Everyone,

No, the goats and parking subjects are not related but I thought I would cover them in two separate emails.

First off the Reserved parking. I sent out an email last month to the tie down tenants regarding marking the City parking area as reserved. All of the tie downs are now rented out on a monthly basis and we have a short waiting list. There was some confusion at times regarding who was supposed to park where and the occasional visitor parking in someone's spot.

The majority of the response was to mark the tie downs as reserved and we have started that process with a volunteer and some stencils.

The current location of the aircraft will become the "assigned" spot and will be shown on a parking ledger as belonging to a specific aircraft.

I hesitate to use the term "belonging" as I do not want to foster the attitude I saw displayed a few years ago at another airport. Someone returned to find his spot occupied. Rather than displaying basic playground rules of sharing and respect, the pilot simply untied the other aircraft, shoved it into the taxilane, tied down his own aircraft and left. Fortunately the wind stayed calm and the aircraft was not blown into another aircraft or damaged. Fortunately those kind of pilots are an exception and I haven't seen an incident like that since then.

No doubt, due to circumstances that come up, someone will park in a reserved spot that shouldn't. Please let me know and we will work on getting them moved safely and courteously. If you can't get a hold of me right away I am sure the good folks at Professional Air will accommodate their airport customers for a short time and we will adjust your rent to reflect the cost of parking in their area if there is a charge. (if you buy fuel you get one night free!)

We admittedly have a shortage of parking areas and I am working on identifying new areas for tie downs. Due too safety issues Leading Edge will continue to lease their current area for the foreseeable future and with the new " "GI Bill" going into affect this fall I expect to see even more activity.

One area I am looking at is on the North end of the field where Columbia used to park their aircraft although it needs considerable improvement.

If anyone wants to trade with someone please let me know and, if both parties are agreeable to the idea, we can make the necessary changes.

At the end of this email I will paste some general "draft " rules on the tie downs. It makes the email rather long but attachments generally get blocked by most email servers.

Next email: GOATS!


Reserved Parking Q & A

Parking is aircraft owner and N number specific. Reserving is not ownership and the spot is only to be used for aircraft parking.

What is reserved parking? Once you are accepted as a tie down tenant,or if you are already a tenant, you will be assigned a specific parking spot identified by the word "Reserved" and a letter and numerical identifier such as A1, B2 C3 etc.

Can I choose my spot? No. Wherever you are parked now is your site.

Can I trade with someone else? If both you and the other party agree, in writing, it will be reviewed by airport staff and may be allowed if staff sees no problems with it.

When I am gone may I let someone else park in my spot? No

What if someone takes my spot while I am gone? You will have to park elsewhere until the owner of the aircraft can be contacted. In no case can the aircraft be moved and left not tied down.

Can I leave my vehicle in my spot? Only for short term use no longer than one week at a time. Vehicles will be towed at owners expense unless arrangements are made with airport staff should this time be exceeded. Use of the tie down area for long term vehicle storage with intermittent aircraft use is specifically prohibited. Vehicles cannot interfere with adjacent parking and you are fully responsible for any damage the vehicle might cause.

I will be gone for six months but will continue to pay the tie down fee. Can I keep my tie down spot? No. If the spot is unoccupied for more than 30 days it will become available to the next person on the wait list. Your tie down fee, if paid in advance, will be refunded.

I sold my airplane and bought a different one. Can I park it on my reserved site? Yes, as long as it takes up no more than the room allotted for one site.

My friend and I share two aircraft. Can we alternate parking if I have a tie down? No. The parking is N number specific.

I am selling my aircraft to someone on the field. Can they automatically take over the parking spot? No. They must go onto the bottom of the waiting list and the next person on the top of the list will be offered the spot.

Why are you doing this? We have had complaints that someone took someone else's spot. Also, some have parked without paying. This will ensure that only the person that paid for a spot has one.


Thank you,


Gary Judd
Airport Manager
Bend Municipal Airport
Bend, OR 97701
Phone 1-541-389-0258
Fax (same as phone)
Cell- 1-541-647-0828
email gjudd@ci.bend.or.us

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